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Why do we call our campaign Think Twice? Because persons living with a disability in British Columbia do not have the legal rights and protections they believe that they have. Anyone and everyone, as a result of an accident, an illness or merely by getting older can become vulnerable. And that’s why everyone needs to get involved in this campaign.


In order to build towards the ultimate goal of a “British Columbians with Disability Act”, Civil Rights Now! proposes that the following be made into law:

  • The Community Care (Direct Payments) Act

  • The Civil Rights of Persons in Community Care Act   


Read the proposal HERE


We believe these complementary statutes will provide an effective legal foundation for persons with disabilites to gain access to some of the same legal rights and protections as currently enjoyed by other British Columbians.


How you can support Civil Right Now’s proposal:


1.  Contact your MLA. Find out here who your MLA is.

2.  Provide them with the Civil Rights Now! proposal, either via email or in-person.

3.  Ask for their public commitment to support the proposed law.

4.  Let them know that your future vote and those of your family and friends depend on their public statement of support.

5.  Let us at Civil Rights Now! know how your MLA responds. We’ll post all their responses on our website.

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